“Avatar 2154” Ambient-Minimal House Mix 2010

29 01 2010

DJ Damyan29 presents a new Mix dedicated to the monumental Science Fiction Motion Picture “Avatar” by James Cameron (USA), being the higest-grossing film of all times worldwide by january 25th 2010, generating $1,897,359,670 income! (Wikipedia) And that’s not just luck! If you haven’t seen the movie – don’t miss this chance, it’s worth it 🙂 The Movie and it’s Soundtrack inspired the Mix and contains Remixed samples and vocals from the movie.

DJ DAMYAN29 – “Avatar 2154” Ambient-Minimal House Mix 2010

Listen to the ‘Avatar 2154 Mix 2012’ by Damyan29

To Download the Full Album (Classic Split Mode Tracks) click: Download DJ D29 Mixes Page.  Or check the download link in the Latest Post.